Most-cited books on list of lists of data visualization readings

As part of the resources for his online data visualization course, Alberto Cairo has posted several lists of recommended readings:

Some of these links lead to other excellent recommended-readings lists:

I figured I should focus on reading the book suggestions that came up more than once across these lists. Below is the ranking; it’s by author rather than book, since some authors were suggested with multiple books. So many good books!

The list, by number of citations per author:





1x Many other wonderful books!

I’m glad to see there is such a long tail of diverse influences. Although a few books are particularly popular, everybody is not repeating the same ones over and over. This looks like a great must-read list to me, although personally I would also recommend:

…and my to-read list also includes:

PS — Tufte’s book was clearly the most-widely cited by far (although out of his four books, people only cited this one). If you haven’t read it already, it’s a great inspiration. However, he can be a bit extreme and I would take his advice with a grain of salt. Robert Kosara’s experience taking Tufte’s course is typical, from what I’ve heard.

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