Statistical Science conversations, and in memoriam

The “Conversations” sections of Statistical Science are now available for open access. These interviews are valuable perspectives on the history of our field. But as I look over the list of names here, I am sad to reflect on the influential statisticians who passed away in 2016.

Earlier this year, I know we lost Peter Hall and Charles Stein, important contributors to statistical theory and practice.

This month, my department bid farewell to Steve Fienberg, a wonderful mentor, teacher, and researcher. His work on categorical data informed several of my projects back at the Census Bureau. I fondly remember the warm welcome my family received from Steve and his wife Joyce when we arrived at CMU. I regret I never took the opportunity to collaborate directly on his many fascinating projects, which included a wide range of topics like human rights, Census work, privacy & confidentiality, and forensic science.

Steve’s “Conversations” interview from 2013 contains many nuggets of wisdom on theory vs. practice, success in grad school, life in academia and beyond, etc. There was also a good interview at Statistics Views last year.
He was a pillar of the department and the broader statistical community, and we miss him dearly.

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