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My name is Jerzy Wieczorek.
(I’m also civilstat on Twitter, GitHub, and Goodreads.
My email address is my [firstname lastname at gmail dot com].)

I’m a PhD candidate in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, now ABD and expecting to graduate by May 2018.

Formerly I was a mathematical statistician with the U.S. Census Bureau, working primarily in small area estimation, Bayesian statistics, and data visualization. I’ve also applied my statistics skillset in transportation engineering, neuroscience, and humanitarian and volunteer work. My other interests include languages and linguistics, education and teaching, etc.

I’m a proud graduate of the inaugural class of Olin College, and later of Portland State University’s Statistics program.

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own and are not intended to represent those of my employers past or present.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) (pdf, last updated October 2017)



Statistical volunteering



6 responses to “About / Portfolio

  1. Nicholas Nagle

    I see you linked one of my maps on your recent post. I may have some other stuff you might be interested in regarding localized comparisons. Send me an email.
    Nicholas Nagle

  2. Great site, man! Really helpful for the budding statistician!

  3. Hi Jerzy. You have a great website. As a confused student I’d like to consult with you privately, is it possible, and if yes how. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi, Jerzy, I found your work really nice here. I am a graduate student interested in your research on Highway Bottleneck identification. This will help in my current topic of research. Can I ask for the source code (m file)? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Jerzy,
    I am have a MS degree in Statistics and want to pursue a Phd in the same from Carnegie Mellon University. Can you help with all I need to know to get in there as well as the funding as I am an international student from India.
    Waiting for your reply on my mentioned email ID.


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